GÜVENLİK - Security
 Loop Sensör

Loop Sensör

Self-tuning Range:

20 ? 1500 µH


Four step adjustable on faceplate
High 0.02%L/L Med-High 0.05% L/L
Med-Low 0.1% L/L Low 0.5% L/L


Four step adjustable on faceplate 12-80kHz
(Frequency determined by loop geometry)

Output Configuration:

2 output relays:
Relay 1 = Presence output (fail safe) Relay 2 = Pulse output

Pulse Output Duration:

Approx. 150 ms (option ? 250 ms).

Presence Time:

1 hour for 3% L/L Permanent presence option

Power Fail Memory:

10 minutes

Operating Modes:

Four-way mode selector on faceplate:
1. Limited presence / permanent presence
2. Pulse on detect / pulse on undetect
3. Automatic Sensitivity Boost selectable
4. Filter selection(2 second delay)


The following faceplate indications are provided:
Red LED ? Diagnostic
Power Green LED ? Channel green Indicator
1. Tuning ? on steady followed by flashed frequency count (x 10 kHz)
2. Undetect ? off
3. Detect ? on steady
4. Fault ? on with short off periods


Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection.

Power Requirements:

120V AC ±15% 48-60Hz (PD131)
230V AC ±15% 48-60Hz (PD132)
12-24V AC/DC (PD134)
Requirements ? 1.5VA max @ 230V

Output Relays:
(Rating and Type)

Presence Relay ? 5A @ 230V AC
Change-over contact (Fail-safe)
Pulse Relay ? 5A @ 230V AC
Change-over contacts (Non fail-safe)

Operating Temp Range:

-20°C to +70°C (Circuit sealed against condensation)


High heat ABS blend


76 mm (high) 40 mm (wide) x 78 mm (deep)


Shelf or DIN-rail socket


Single rear mount 11-pin submagnal (86CPII)
Option ? 1 metre flying lead

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